Gita Bodh is an eye opening book – thanks to the unique conceptual approach of its presentation – about the immense wisdom and depth of thought that our common Indian ancestors had some 5000 years ago. And I have been privileged as one of the reviewers of this book during its evolution to get to understand these concepts and clarify/debate certain aspects with Mr. Karanjkar. As a Christian it was a pleasant surprise for me to notice similarities/echos of some of these concepts in the original teachings of Jesus Christ. I believe every Indian must read this book: Hindus should read it to refocus on the very core of their faith which has got buried under excessive rituals, while the rest should read it to expand their perspective and understand the foundational core of the Hindu faith of our common ancestors. I think the educated and the young would find the conceptual approach of this book interesting since it is devoid of the usual religious fluff. This book is a treasure to behold and I believe Mr. Karanjkar has done a great service to humanity through his simple explanations of complex concepts through practical illustrations supported by beautiful artwork which should encourage many readers to set out on a journey to rediscover their inner selves in the pursuit of sat-chit-anand. May you find our eternal bliss, or at least plain simple serenity or just a different perspective on life and beyond, through this book.Vincent Toscano


This book has made a unique contribution to this space. Author has presented, full gist of all the topics covered by Bhagvad Gita arranged in a logical sequence and presented in contemporary language with beautiful illustrations. Each topic is mapped to the verses in Gita. This book, with its unique style and presentation is a great starting point (to the subject matter of Gita) for the modern generation who have no knowledge of Sanskrit or the temperament to digest verse by verse commentaries on Gita. It can also serve as a contemporary alternative to the traditional content available on this body of knowledge. Besides the presentation quality, binding, paper, color schemes make it a treat to the eyes as well !!! A must buy!!!Mandar Kelkar


This is one of the best books, I’ve ever read. Unlike other books on Gita, this book explains the teachings of Gita in a concept wise manner rather than verse by verse explanation. Also, the author has given many examples(relating to our day to day lives) in order to explain the real essence of Gita. The colour scheme, the illustrations, the examples and the way this book is presented, guarantee that readers will be glued to the book till the end. Also, I realized that this book is so easy to understand and it relates to our day to day life so much that this would be a great book for readers of all ages, religions, professions and nationalities.Asfia


A new book on Gita with an absolutely fresh approach. Just loved reading every bit of it.

I have tried reading some of the available books on Gita including the well-known ones earlier. Could not proceed beyond few pages, may be because generally they are made cryptic by the usage of complex language, it is not possible to logically connect the contents of one page with the next and so you do not know where it begins and where it ends and you end up being frustrated since you don’t finally understand what the take away is.

That is exactly what I didn’t face when I read Uday’s Gita Bodh.

With the language being simple, flow logical, concepts built step by step, it was very interesting to read the entire book like a story. The summary at the end of every chapter made a good recap of what I understood in that chapter. At the end of the book, when I read the epilogue, I got a full recap of the book which gave a gist of the entire Gita. Reading the book was a beautiful experience with nice colour schemes used along with meaningful illustrations, interesting stories and examples that one can relate to. Complex concepts like Law of Karma, Law of Samskara, Jivadasa, the process of creation etc. have been explained with the help of illustrative diagrams, which makes it a lot easier to understand and I think I can never ever forget these concepts now.

I just don’t feel like keeping the book down and feel like reading it again and again.

Also against the typical thinking that Gita is for retired, old people, or religious people, reading the book has made me realize how important it is to understand Gita in your active life, i.e. whether you are a student, or a working professional or a house wife, or in your old age; it gives practical solutions to face your day to day difficulties and lead a peaceful and meaningful life. I urge more and more people to read this book.

One last comment. Looking at the quality of the book and seeing how the topic as complex as Gita has been made interesting and easy to understand, the book is a real value for money and a MUST buy for every one.Prathima


Uday spent his life in manufacturing and IT firms and went through rough and tough corporate life. He studied GEETA for last 30 years starting as a quest to address his worldly problems. He was guided by his Swamiji. What has come out now through the marathon journey is a crisp body of knowledge. It has narrated Brahmvidya (definitions and theory around self, creation and God) as well as Yogshastra (science and process to acquire and experience it). It is so precise and to the point. GEETA is otherwise free flowing questions and answers and one gets lost getting correct links in scattered explanations. This book greatly helped me to channelize my thought process. I strongly recommend this to each who is seeking answers to doubts around what is pure knowledge, how to go for it, how to behave in tricky situations in day-to-day life, what is right and what is wrong. The quality of the book is world-class. One must start the journey NOW.Amazon Customer


Gita Bodh is a great book on Bhagwat Gita. It follows a unique conceptual approach rather than the conventional verse by verse approach which makes it distinct from other books on the same subject. The author has revealed the complex concepts like Brahmavidya, Karma Yoga, Jnyana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga etc and correlation between them in such a simplistic manner by using beautiful illustrations, diagrams, flow charts and tables, that even a novice or new reader would easily understand and digest the concepts.

I feel this approach is the need of the present age and will give a profound insight of the concepts of Gita to the readers. It would definitely help in unleashing the divine knowledge to many, which otherwise seems abstruse.

The book effectively elaborates purpose of Human life, the ultimate goal and the requisite actions to be followed on the path towards divinity. I believe that the book will certainly help in transforming our perspective towards ourself, others, Ishvara and the world as a whole.

This is a must read for everyone.Nikhil Wagholikar


Gita Bodh is a very lucid and illustrative exposition of the philosophy of the Bhagvad Gita.The most interesting part is the approach which the author has taken towards this book. Rather than the verse by verse commentary that is usually seen in other books on the Gita, Mr. Uday Karanjar has explained the Gita concept by concept. Hence even a completely uninitiated reader, who is interested to understand the philosophy of the Gita, would be delighted to read it. The book also explains concepts with contemparary examples making the book very relevant to today’s world. Tha language is lucid, simple and supported with umpteen illustrations and examples. Gita Bodh is a very helpful guide for anyone trying to make sense of her/his life and for those trying to seek answers to the more fundamental questions of life…!Amazon Customer


Written simply, illustrated beautifully and supported by interesting examples and stories which drive home the point, Gita Bodh is a book you don’t feel like putting down.

It gives a clear explanation about oneself, creation, God and the Ultimate Truth, the purpose of life, the method to achieve it, Dharma, Viveka, various yogas like Karmayoga, Jnanayoga, Dhyanayoga, Bhaktiyoga and their role in one’s evolution. The book explains that the concept of the Gita goes way beyond the limitations of time, place, people, culture and religion.

The presentation is structured with appropriate summaries of each chapter for recap, which helps one get a clear and precise understanding. The illustrations, binding and production quality are superb! A great value for money. A must-read for everybody. Also, great for gifting!Prakash


I tried reading the Gita (translations) a few times without success. The main problem was understanding the definitions and concepts. Without understanding what something means, it is difficult to comprehend anything.

This is where the book’s USP comes in. Uday has taken great pains in explaining the concepts. There are numerous analogies so that we get an intuitive grasp of the subject. The book is divided into two parts: Brahmavidya (Theory) and Yogashastra (Practice) which makes things easier for the reader.

If you are a rational person and are curious about the Gita, this book is for you!Nikhil Daddikar


Gita Bodh A very useful book for young as well as seniors also . For beginners interested to know the purpose of human life & ultimate goal to achive , will enjoy the reading of this book , and the subject is presented in the modern style , & not the tradional way such books are written . For seniors it will help to get more clarification & understanding about the concepts in Gita . . Gita reveals the way how to lead a sucessful and happy life.Y. N. Deshpande


Great book for anybody seeking to understand Bhagwat Gita. Concepts are explained with clarity and ease. Must read for anyboy seeking spiritual progress.Amazon Customer


Excellent examples and fairly easy to read. Takes the Gita beyond the abstract with real examples.Aditya Andhalikar


I liked the service and the product both.Amazon Customer