Review – Yogi Mahajan


Shri Krishna, the author of Gita was not only a divine personality but also a divine diplomat. He had incarnated to connect individual consciousness to collective consciousness. To accomplish his mission he had to uplift the mountain of human ego. He succeeded in his task by devising the art of diplomacy. However, in modern times as the human brain has further evolved to a 4 G dimension the task has become even more difficult and cannot be accomplished without the guidance of a realized master who is collectively consciousness. Fortunately Shri Uday karanjkar’s Gita has as brought the guru to our door step through his easy- to- read hand book which equips us to penetrate Shri Krishna’s diplomacy.

In the age of e-learning Shri Karanjkar has simplified the task of the novice by painstakingly visualizing the key points. Such visualization is not possible without the opening of the inner eye. Apart from being a great visionary Shri Karanjkar is an Acharya too; those who have the privilege of knowing him are honored to have the darshans of the great Rishi behind an unassuming personality. His hand book on the Gita is a must for teachers and libraries.

Yogi Mahajan