Review – Swami Atmavikasananda

Date – 08/04/2016

Dear Shri Uday Karanjkarji,
Please accept my loving Namaskar,

It is not my cup to write a review or something but when I actually started reading the ‘Gita Bodh’ I couldn’t stop myself appreciating it page by page and chapter by chapter. It’s very tempting to write but rather hesitatingly, I shall try to put my feelings in to words. It may not be very critical review but I am short of words for your extraordinary efforts for creating such a piece of learning.

First and the foremost is the cover page and visual conceptualisation. I have seen many writers using the visuals to simplify the intricate concepts but you have taken it to new heights.

Secondly, the approach. Topic wise and concept by concept presentation, so that anybody irrespective of his background can understand the wonderful concepts of this great book. For the serious readers or for the one who really wants to know the reality behind this life, for such an aspirant this book will be of great help. For example chapters like Self, Jiva and Jivadasa, A Bhogi can make an aspirant introspective and will create a sense of enquiry about The Self. After reading these chapters he will also understand that life is something more than आहार, निद्रा, भय, मैथुन! And then an aspirant will get the answers from subsequent chapters.

Thirdly, all the concepts are presented in a very simple and lucid language and the appropriate Illustrations give the very pleasurable reading experience. In short it’s a authentic text book on Vedantic concepts of our scriptures.

It is your Tapasya of three decades which has bore the fruits in the form of such a priceless book of wisdom. Hats off to your dedication. I am sure whoever will read this book will be inching towards that reality to whom sages called The Absolute! the transcendent and immanent and one without a second reality.

I sincerely hope that this book must reach to every household because this ancient knowledge is universal and which is beneficial to all irrespective of cast, creed and religion. I again appeal to all sincere seekers of truth, to understand the Vedantic concepts thoroughly, one must digest this book first and then all the Upanishad and the commentary over it will be easy to understand. I pray for all the success.

Please accept my hearty greetings and best wishes to you and the editorial team.

Yours sincerely ,
Swami Atmavikasananda
Ramakrishna mission
Agartala, Tripura