Author and Speaker

Uday Karanjkar is a highly successful corporate leader. In his illustrious career of 37 years, he has handled a variety of senior management and expert responsibilities across various Engineering and IT industries. He is expert in various fields of management and specializes in Enterprise Systems. He is known for his passion, creativity, analytical and interpersonal skills and management expertise. He is based in Pune, India.

He was born in 1955 at Nagpur. He is Electronics and Telecommunication engineer and Post-Graduate in Industrial Engineering from NITIE Mumbai.

From a young age, he was daunted by fundamental questions about life, universe and God. His quest led to exploration of texts in the fields of psychology, philosophy and religion, till he found that the Gītā seemed to have all the answers. Since then, he study the Gītā and Vedānta in depth under Pujya Swami SatSwarupananda. Over the last 30 years, he used several methods of analysis to get to the core of this profound wisdom. The resultant analysis and synthesis of the knowledge in the conceptual form of the Gītā is unique and probably, the first of its kind. It presents the essence of learning from the Gītā in a precise and complete form. Based on his work Uday has been conducting Gītā sessions and people from various backgrounds have found these sessions very revealing and simple to grasp the vision of the Gītā.

Living a vibrant, worldly life as well as simultaneously pursuing his spiritual quest, he could find a sound synthesis between the two, which is the very vision of the Gītā. He believes that his insight in this wisdom is at the core of his success and happiness.

He is a passionate artist and loves painting outdoor water colour landscapes and making sculptures. He loves the Himalayas and enjoys nature and trekking.

His exceptional clarity, depth of thought, thoroughness and also the aesthetic sense are evident in this book.

About my guru

Pujya Swami Satswarupanandaji has been conducting classes on Bhagavad Gita and Vedanta texts for more than four decades at Pune India. His treatment of the subject is very detailed with elaborate commentary. There is ultimate clarity in his teaching and his sole intent is to ensure that a sincere student really understands the message of texts and benefits from it. He is a very compassionate teacher and spares no efforts to ensure that knowledge is properly communicated to the student. He himself is a disciple of Pujya Swami Dayanandaji and has gone through traditional Vedantic teaching under him.

It is really a great fortune to have a ultimate Sadguru like Swami SatSwarupanandaji.